Contractors: get

Return information about the contractor in a company Filter By Modified Date..

Request - GET

You will need to supply the Contractor Id on your request parameters with this method. You can get your Contractor Id from the return of the Contractors List.
You will need to sent on request your access token. For more information, see the authentication and authorization page.

Example request with authorization:

curl -- GET Base URI:{modifiedDate}
--header "Authorization: Bearer MTQ0NjJkZmQ5OTM2NDE1ghNNBiuyUYUN"


If successful, this method returns a response body with the following structure:

Example response:

Content-Type: contractor/json
"contractors": [
"contractorid": long,
"companyname": "string",
"website": "string",
"phone": "string",
"workphone": "string",
"mobilephone": "string",
"email": "string",
"publicliabilityrequired": boolean,
"publicliabilityexpirydate": "date",
"reference": "string",
"status": "string",
"ModifiedDate": "date",
"negotiator": {
"userid": long,
"name": "string",
"email": "string"
"archived": boolean,
"contactnotes": "string",
"services_provided": [
"service": "string",
"branches_serviced": [
"branchid": integer,
"branchname": "string"