Property: get

Return information about the property in a company Filter By Modified Date.

Request - GET

You will need to provide modifiedDate datetime as a query parameter.
You will need to sent on request your access token. For more information, see the authentication and authorization page.

Example request with authorization:

curl -- GET Base URI:
--header "Authorization: Bearer MTQ0NjJkZmQ5OTM2NDE1ghNNBiuyUYUN"


If successful, this method returns a response body with the following structure:

Example response:

Content-Type: application/json
"lettings_properties": [
"propertyid": long,
"address": {
"houseno": "string",
"address1": "string",
"address2": "string",
"town": "string",
"county": "string",
"postcode": "string",
"latitude": decimal,
"longitude": decimal,
"geocodingverified": boolean,
"countryname": "string",
"countrydisplayname": "string",
"fulladdress": "string",
"shortaddress": "string"
"internalreference": "string",
"archivedDate": "date",
"addedDate": "date",
"ModifiedDate": "datetime",
"negotiator": {
"userid": long,
"name": "string",
"email": "string"
"branch": {
"branchid": integer,
"branchname": "string"
"status": "string",
"archived": boolean,
"appraisal": boolean,
"commercialunit": boolean,
"priceprefix": "string",
"price": decimal,
"pricecurrency": "string",
"instructeddate": "date",
"contracttype": "string",
"contractexpires": "date",
"feeamount": decimal,
"feetype": "string",
"commissionamount": decimal,
"commissiontype": "string",
"vendors": [
"vendorid": long,
"name": "string",
"email": "string",
"primary": boolean,
"solicitor": [
"instructed": boolean,
"instructeddate": "date",
"solicitor": "string",
"contact": "string",
"address": "string",
"contactemail": "string",
"contactphone": "string",
"contactmobile": "string",
"contactfax": "string",
"compliance": {
"safetychecks": [
"type": "string",
"responsability": "string",
"duedate": "date",
"boilerservice": boolean,
"energyefficiencycurrent": integer,
"energyefficiencypotential": integer,
"enviromentalimpactcurrent": integer,
"enviromentalimpactpotential": integer,
"epc": {
"rrnnumber": "string",
"expirydate": "date",
"notes": "string"
"information": {
"ukcouncil": "string",
"counciltaxband": "string",
"occupier": "string",
"occupierothername": "string",
"tenure": {
"type": "string",
"expirydate": "string",
"alarm": {
"alarmed": boolean,
"alarmcode": "string",
"marketing": {
"priceprefix": "string",
"price": decimal,
"bedrooms": integer,
"bathrooms": integer,
"receptions": integer,
"currency": "string"
"advertising": {
"advertise": boolean,
"newbuild": boolean,
"propertyarea": "string",
"virtualtoururl": "string",
"virtualtourtwourl": "string",
"advertisingstatus": "string",
"advertisingaddress": "string",
"advertisingurl": "string",
"matching": {
"propertytype": "string",
"propertytypezoopla": "string",
"propertyattributes": [
"attribute": "string",
"descriptions": {
"main": "string",
"summary": "string",
"extra1": "string",
"extra2": "string",
"advertisingsmsmessage": "string",
"others": {
"landusage": "string",
"size": integer,
"measurementunits": "string",
"directions": "string",
"keyfeatures": [
"description": "string",
"addedby": "string",
"dateadded": "datetime",
"media": [
"type": "string",
"caption": "string",
"urlprimary": "string",
"urlsmall": "string",
"urllarge": "string",
"room": "string",
"roomtype": "string",
"dateadded": "datetime",
"lastmodifieddate": "datetime"
"keys": [
"keynumber": "string",
"alias": "string",
"notes": "string",
"urlimage": "string",
"statistics": [
"propertyId": long,
"instructedDate": "datetime",
"lastContactedDate": "datetime",
"firstViewingDate": "datetime",
"lastViewingDate": "datetime",
"withdrawnDate": "datetime",
"exchangedDate": "datetime",
"completedDate": "datetime",
"acceptedDate": "datetime",
"fallenThroughDate": "datetime",
"invoicedDate": "datetime",
"udf": [
"udfid": long,
"fieldName": string,
"dataType": string,
"value": string,
"required": boolean,
"options": [
"text": string,
"value": integer
"rooms": [
"RoomId": long,
"propertyroomtype": string,
"name": string,
"description": string,
"measurementlength": decimal,
"measurementwidth": decimal,
"measurementheight": decimal,
"measurementunittype": integer,
"lastmodifieddate": "datetime"